Face Painting

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Face Painting is such a great source of entertainment for kids of all ages. We cater for ...
  • Theme, Birthday, Corporate, Halloween & Christmas Parties
  •  Weddings
  •  Festivals
  •  Fete's
  •  Charity Fund Raisers
  •  Hen & Stag Do's
  •  Fancy Dress Parties so adults can join in with the fun too!
Fast Becoming the most popular activity in the entertainment industry it is guaranteed to bring in the crowds so great for...
  •  In Store Promotions and Product Launches
  •  Shopping Centre's
  •  Superstore Events
  •  Night Clubs
  •  Film Premieres.
We can supply our own themed props & work in a variety of costumes.
We have many years of helping events like these stand out and get noticed, some of our previous clients include ...
  • Tesco's
  •  Lidl's
  •  Thorntons
  •  BP
  •  Spar
  •  Co-op
  •  The Grande Arcade
  •  Mothercare
  •  BMF
  •   The National Trust
  •  Sainsbury's
  •  Feather & Black
  • Wilkinson's
  • Van Hague
We are also very proud to say that we provided the face painting for ITV 2, The Only Way Is Essex, TV Show
Khali Painting Joey - The Only Way Is Essex
We offer a professional, friendly & reliable service, using only professional products complying to the strictest cosmetic regulations, as safety is of utmost importance to us.
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 Health & Safety
Please take a moment to look at our health & safety information ...
Without prejudice we will not paint anyone under 3 years of age, anybody with apparent skin conditions such as eczema, conjunctivitis, rashes and cuts etc, anybody that seems unwell and anybody that cannot express their own wishes.

Parents/Guardians must inform us in advance if a child has sensitive skin so that a skin test may be carried out on the inside of the child's arm, then after 30 mins if no reaction occurs then the child may be painted .

For private parties the hirer is responsible for gaining consent from the guests parents/guardians prior to them being painted.

We will not be held liable for any child/adult that may react to our paints/equipment at any time.

A clean sponge and water to rinse the brushes  will be used on each child/adult. Brushes and sponges are thoroughly cleaned after every event.

Children remain the responsibility of Parents/Guardians at all times while in the painting area and must not be left unattended.

We only use the  highest quality of face paints which comply with the EU and FDA regulations and glitter safe for cosmetic use.

We endeavour to be as careful as possible when painting, however  some paints can stain clothing which we do not accept liability or responsibility for any damage to clothing .

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